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J-Pro Construction LLC

Basement Remodeling

From simple to elaborate, J-Pro completes several build-outs/remodels each year.


The lower level is a perfect pre-made space to expand with the needs of your family.


These are just some of the ideas for basement finishing J-Pro can accomodate:


J-Pro uses metal stud framing. Not all contractors do. Few companies use metal studs in a basement setting. It takes a special skill set to properly install them. We have been trained and have many years of experience using metal studs in basements.


Why does J-Pro use metal stud framing?


If you are more comfortable with traditional wood framing, please let us know. We want you to be satisfied.


David of Weldon Springs

"Quality of our basement exceeds workmanship in rest of home.  Everything far exceeds my expectations.  Really good guys to work with."